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There is nothing on this Earth quite as magical as a Golden Retriever! At least, that is our belief. My wife and I are die-hard fans of this breed. We have been blessed with being owned by 2 Goldens and it truly has been our privilege.

Anyone who has experienced this breed can likely understand and attest to the magic they bring with them. These dogs have an amazing ability to make us feel special. They bring out the best in everyone they interact with.

That is why we created this website -- to use our knowledge and love for this breed to help you better understand the pure magic of Golden Retrievers. This site has many tips on most aspects concerning Goldens--history, facts, the selection process, names, breeders, grooming, health and much more. We also guide you to other relevant information and resources.

Many pages will have a Magic Bullet on them which is a useful quick synopsis of the page's main point.

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I would like to tell you a little bit about us. We are simply pet owners—we are NOT breeders, veterinarians or experts. However, we do have a true affinity for and loyalty to this majestic breed and would like to give you relevant, useful information to extend your knowledge and understanding about Goldens.

We hope you enjoy this site. It has something for everyone--whether you have little knowledge about dogs, are considering getting a puppy, searching for a breeder, or even if you are a seasoned dog owner looking for more detailed information. There are also plenty of puppy and doggy pictures for you to peruse. And don't forget to check out our store for Golden Retriever gifts.

So go ahead – surf the site! We hope you enjoy yourself and learn something about the Golden Retriever. Most of all we hope you get a better appreciation of this truly amazing and graceful breed.

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Photo Contest Winner for Winter 2015 - Harley Girl
golden retriever picture, golden retriever, golden retriever pictures
Congratulations to Harley Girl! She is the winner of the photo contest for winter 2015. Harley Girl is looking adorable in this photo - kind, loving and happy. We are super excited that she now has the life she deserves, after having a fairly rough start in life. To enter your darling Golden into the photo-contest, please check out our Golden Retriever Photo Contest.

Bringing Home a New Dog?

Are you thinking of bringing home a new dog? Then a ton of questions must be going through your mind right now. Getting a new dog or puppy home without thinking this through can cause a lot of trouble and heartache. On the other hand, if you think through this carefully and make the right decision, you will have an amazing new family member, who will give you years of company, affection and love."Bringing Home Your New Dog" takes you through the various questions that you will need to answer before you decide on which dog to get home, as well as various steps you need to take before bringing home a new dog.

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So the doorbell rings. And your dog, who is generally a well-behaved one, goes completely berserk. Now you find yourself trying to grab his collar to get him under control, so that you can actually open the door. And where in the world is the leash?...

If the above scenario sounds all too familiar, you are certainly not alone. For me, that scene is typically followed up by one of two outcomes. Either I spend ages finding the leash, all the while apologizing to the visitor, or I resort to opening the door and conversing with my visitor in the awkward "I'm hanging on to my dog's collar" position. Neither option leaves me feeling particularly good!

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Dog Forum for Golden Retriever Fans
In this dog forum, you can ask a question, answer questions, share your experiences, and create a wealth of information for the benefit of other Golden Retriever fans.
Free Golden Retriever Ebook
Want to know more about Golden Retrievers? Read this free golden retriever ebook to get a sense of this wonderful breed.
Best Dog Collar
I have finally found what I really needed. The supercollar® is truly the best dog collar I have seen, both for the safety of the dog, and for the convenience of the owner.
Golden Retriever Search
Use this Golden Retriever search page to find the most relevant information regarding your specific questions.
Ask a Vet Online
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Dog Photo Contests
We have just launched one of our dog photo contests and hope to get lots of fun, cute and cool pictures of your dogs to display.
Puppy Cards
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Golden Retriever Gift Ideas
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Cute Dog Pictures
Here you will find really funny and cute dog pictures. These pictures will surely put a smile on your face!...
Funny Dog Videos of Golden Retrievers
This page has links to cool and funny dog videos, specifically, golden retriever videos. It shows an array of wonderful videos from our favorite entertainers...
Golden Retriever History -- How They Came To Be
Initially Golden Retriever history was surrounded by a great deal of mystery. It was thought that a troupe of Russian circus dogs was the origin of this majestic breed...
Facts About Golden Retrievers --The Top 10 Coolest Facts
Here are the Top 10 Coolest facts about this truly amazing breed...
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Common Dog Health Problems Specific To Your Golden
Common Dog Health Problems affecting your Golden Retriever and the clearest, most useful answers...
Dog Bloat -- A Very Serious and Potentially Life-Threatening Condition
Dog bloat is an extremely dangerous conditions and needs immediate attention. This page has the most relevant facts and information for you to recognize the symptoms and...
Kennel Cough in Dogs
Kennel cough in dogs is a very contagious disease. Find out more about this important condition here...
Dog Diarrhea
Dog diarrhea is an issue may Golden owners have been faced with. Learn what alarm symptoms signal that this may be something serious...
Dog Vomiting Can Be a Serious Condition
Dog vomiting can be a potentially dangerous condition. An isolated episode of acute vomiting may be short-lived, read this page to get an understanding of what to look for...
Frontline for Dogs
Frontline for dogs is a very effective way to prevent and control fleas in your beloved canine.
A Dog First Aid Kit: How to Prepare It
A Dog First Aid Kit is essential to keep your canine healthy during an emergency...
Giving Your Dog Medications She Needs
Giving your dog medications she needs can be challenging. This page goes through the physical steps that allow you to easily and safely give your Golden her medications.
Dog Age Calculator
Want to know how old your dog is in human years? This cool dog age calculator takes your dog's size and age into account to tell you.
Dog Food Analysis
A quick checklist for dog food analysis -- is the dog food you are considering up to the mark? Quickly navigate through the overwhelming number, types and brands of dog food available...
Quality Dog Food Basics
The importance of good nutrition cannot be over-emphazised. Quality dog food and puppy food are essential to the growth and development of your puppy...
Making Your Own Dog Food
Making your own dog food can be very rewarding for both you and your dog.
The Best Dog Food Containers
Dog food containers are an important part of keeping your dog's food fresh and healthy. Read on to see the best containers...
Bringing Home A New Dog
If you are thinking of bringing home a new dog, you must read this ebook, which makes sure you have addressed all the basic questions, and taken the necessary steps to make this experience fantastic.
Dog Breed Selector Quiz
Exactly which dog breed is perfect for you? This cool and amazing dog breed selector quiz will tell you all...
Choosing the Right Dog Breed: But Are You Ready For A Dog?
Before choosing the right dog breed, you must consider whether you are even ready for a dog. Don't simply fall for the big brown puppy-dog eyes. Getting a dog means considerable time...
Adoption of Golden Retriever Puppies -- Is a Golden the Right Choice For You?
Golden Retrievers are unsurpassed in their intelligence, temperament and beauty. Despite this, the adoption of Golden Retriever puppies is not for everyone...
What does it cost to own a dog?
Dog ownership is a big responsibility, both financially and otherwise. What does it cost to own a dog over the dog's lifetime? Use this calculator to find out.
Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale -- How Do You Decide Where To Get One?
So now you have understood the true magic of Golden Retrievers and really want to get one. There are lots of Golden Retriever puppies for sale, but what is the best source?
Golden Retriever Breeders --What to Look For in a "Reputable" Breeder
Reputable Golden Retriever breeders are very particular about the dogs they breed. But how do you know who is a good breeder?...
A Dog Health Certificate and Clearances For Your Golden
A dog health certificate and health clearances can be very useful. This page will point you to specific resources where you can find out this information...
Choosing the Right Dog -- How Do You Select THE ONE?
You have now decided on a Golden Retriever puppy. But how do you go about choosing the right dog that will be THE ONE for you?...
Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale -- At the Breeder's Place
Go see the Golden Retriever puppies for sale at the breeder's place. Enjoy the puppy fuzzies, and make sure you have made the right breeder choice...
Bringing Home a New Puppy
Taking some simple steps prior to bringing home a new puppy will make his adjustment much smoother...
Bringing Home A New Puppy -- It's the Big Day!
You have been waiting for this day with bated breath! Now that it's actually time for bringing home a new puppy, what exactly do you do?...
Golden Retriever Puppy Routine -- Provide Structure to His Day
A Golden Retriever puppy will thrive when given a consistent daily routine...
Your Golden Retriever Puppy and Her Safety
Before bringing your new Golden Retriever puppy home, make sure your home is a safe place for a puppy...
Bringing Home A New Puppy -- The First Few Months
After bringing home a new puppy, getting your Golden Retriever off to the right start is super important -- this is your time to bond...
Golden Retriever Names - Naming your Puppy
Naming your Golden is very important, especially when you consider that you will use that name over 50,000 times! Here you will find lists of Golden Retriever names and tips on naming.
Golden Retriever Dog Names -- Some Common Dog Names
There are many Golden Retriever dog names, but not all will suit your Golden. Here you will find several lists and thousands of names to choose from.
Best Dog Training Book
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How To Train a Dog
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Free Basic Dog Training Tips
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Toilet Training Puppies
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Crate Training a Dog
Crate training a dog can prove to be very useful to help him feel safe and secure. Crates can also be very important for toilet-training...
Clicker Method of Training Dogs
The clicker method of training is a super-easy and very effective way to train your dog. Use this technique to teach your dog to...
Golden Retriever Supplies -- Initial Items
Certain Golden Retriever supplies are needed prior your puppy's homecoming...
Elevated Dog Bowls
Elevated dog bowls are suitable for many large dogs, since they make it much easier for the dog to eat.
Dog Friendly Vacations
Planning dog friendly vacations? If you want to take your dog along, you must make sure you are well prepared.
Dog Friendly Hotels
Looking for dog friendly hotels? Want to comment on a recent experience, or check out other people's stories?...
Celebrity Interviews -- Celebrities Talking About Their Golden Retriever Dogs
Check out this page to see cool, well-known celebrities chat about their love for their Golden Retriever dogs..
Dog Quiz -- Celebrities and their Golden Retrievers
Take this celebrity dog quiz and see if you know which of your favorite celebrities owns a Golden Retriever.
Golden Retriever News -- the latest and greatest about Goldens!
Interesting Golden Retriever news, cool articles about Goldens, and just tid-bits from all-over
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