A Dog First Aid Kit and Its Essentials

It is extremely important to make a Dog First Aid Kit for your canine companion. Despite our best efforts to keep our dogs safe and healthy, emergencies unfortunately do happen. In the event of an emergency, a dog first aid kit is essential--it could save your dog's life!!

When your Golden Retriever sustains an injury, it can be very emotionally traumatic for you and him. Keeping things together in a first aid kit will prevent you from panicking. It will allow you to give him the best care as fast as possible while you get ready to go to the vet. Remember, after an injury it is always best to have your vet check your Golden thoroughly. Here, by categories, are the top 25 elements I think are vital in a Canine First Aid Kit:


* Phone number and directions for the nearest 24hr emergency vet clinic (this is VITAL—after an injury you must call the vet right away)

* Antiseptic cleansing wipes (small alcohol wipes should be sufficient)
* Cotton swabs (the ones with thick cotton ends work best)
* Band-Aids (various sizes)
* First Aid tape (tape is always useful for something or another)
* Gauze pads (get different shapes and sizes—2x2, 4x4, circular ones)
* Latex gloves (or latex-free if you have an allergy)
* Lubricating jelly (KY or petroleum jelly should suffice)
* Instant cold compress (to help stem bleeding)
* Gauze Roll (I use regular cotton gauze but also love the brand Coban—this is so cool and useful as it wraps around and sticks to itself so no extra adhesive or pins are needed)


* Antibiotic ointment (bacitracin or triple antibiotic ointment is great)
* Benadryl (in case you need to calm your dog)
* Hydrogen peroxide (great cleansing solution to prevent wound infection)
* Kaopectate (to help with acute severe diarrhea)
* Pepto-bismol (also for diarrhea)
* Sterile saline eyewash (for any foreign bodies in the eyes and to relieve irritation)


* Razor (to clean hair near a wound, also has many other uses injuries)
* Tweezers (removal of ticks, foreign objects)
* Rounded and pointed scissors (always handy and necessary)
* Safety pins (to help hold tape/gauze/makeshift splints together)
* Nail clippers (to cut the nail if it gets twisted or caught in something)
* Rectal thermometer (to check the temperature—very important if infection is suspected. Normal for dogs is 101.5 degrees)* Pen/pencil/paper (for notes and info you will tell you vet, before you forget)

For Control:

* Extra leash/collar (in case your Golden has gotten out of his)
* Muzzle (used for control in severe situations. For example if a dog is in severe pain, he may have a reflex to bite or nip when touched. A rope or scarf can substitute if you don't have a muzzle).

Preparing a Dog First Aid Kit is essential to quick treatment of your Golden Retriever in the event of an emergency. Having all the materials readily available to treat him while you prepare to take him to the vet can potentially be life-saving!!

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